Frequently Asked Questions

My floor has icky old stains, and/or has worn down finish. What can I do?

Well, this should be handled by an expert. Why? Because removing stain or other finishing is not an easy task, and you really need to have a good knowledge of this. We have had a lot of customers use us after they attempted to do it their selves, and wish they hadn’t.

There are hundreds of flooring options. Can you help me make the right choice?

Yes. Over the years we’ve installed every kind of flooring brand/type. So, we can help you make the right choice.

There are dark spits, water damage, or pet stains on my floor. What can be done?

First, we always try to sand them out first, hoping to get them clean. Usually we can get them out, so it will not cost you any extra money. If they do not come out, we can replace the boards for you.

How long does it take for a stain to dry?

If you would like water-base stain, it takes 2 hours to dry. If you would like oil-base stain, it takes 12 hours to dry.

When will I be able to use my room after new flooring is installed?

You can walk on them immediately.

When can I walk on my new floors, after they are refinished?

You can walk on them 2 hours after they are sealed, then 4 hours after they are finished with the top coat.

Is it going to be a dusty mess?

Absolutely not. We use a dust containment system, with a vacuum. We will suck up over 90% or better of the dust. We also seal off all areas that the remaining dust could travel. Any remaining dust is then vacuumed up. In the end, it will be as clean as it was before we arrived.

How do I know what color I want to pick for my floors, when refinishing?

We will sand your floors down to bare wood. We then will apply as many samples as you want to see directly on your floors, that way you will see exactly what it will appear to be, when complete.

How durable/safe is the finish?

We use Basic Coatings finish on a regular basis, and get very satisfying results. It is the ultimate in durability. It is a commercial finish, just as we use in classrooms or gyms. In addition to it’s durability, the finish gives a warm, beautiful rich tone as well.

What do we do about our furniture?

We check out every scenario, then make the best choice for you. We can move it all off, or do it in phases and shift it. We will also move the furniture back after we finish, so you do not have to worry about scratching those floors.

How long before we can move back furniture?

After 24 hours, furniture can go back. It must be set down, no sliding. All rugs should wait one full week. We recommend felt sliders, which are great.

What should we clean our floor with after the floors are finished?

Wait at least one week before cleaning. Do not use oil based products, they are not good for your floors. We recommend Bona hardwood floor cleaner for best results, swifter wet jet, or just use lukewarm water with a dash of liquid soap. It is a good mild way to clean. Always use mild amounts of water, never too much. Use a microfiber mop after a microfiber dusting for best results..

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