Dustless Resurfacing for Hardwood Floors

Dustless Resurfacing

Dustless Resurfacing for Hardwood Floors

Homeowners who have previously installed or refinished hardwood floors in their home, understand just how time-consuming it can be. Dustless resurfacing can provide you with an affordable, fast, and dust-free option that will help bring your old floors back to life again. 

At Flawless Floors, a hardwood flooring company in Maryland, our dustless resurfacing process will clean up, remove light scratches, dirt, and help to protect and display your hardwood floors properly! The advantage is a much faster process that fully refinishes your floors all for under $1 per ft!

How Does Dustless Resurfacing Work?

At Flawless Floors, we use a vacuum that is attached to our equipment which stops any dust from going into the air. We then apply a nice thick coat of commercial-grade, low VOC finish which is available in 4 different types of shines! Homeowners don’t have to worry about closing off the rooms to be worked on, covering other rooms and furniture, or staying out of the home. 

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